Lizzie Alberga

Nice piece about finding your real needs by meditating into a dream.

Human beings or Homo sapiens as a species are all similar and so are their wants. They are a perfect blend of the most advanced physical body and a spark of life which energises and resides in the body.

The most advanced neuro system along with many other systems make up the body.Newtonian science has helped study and understand these systems.

The life spark has been studied analysed and understood by Eastern Philosophy. Recent studies have identified the atomic structure and the roles of each orbit around the same.More on the same I will share later.

The mention that you make of connecting to the inner spirit can be better understood in light of the philosophy. Every human being is endowed with desires and thoughts and resultant expectations.

These are the forces that drive him into action and ensure fulfillment of the desires. His actions and efforts reflect the thoughts and when results align with expectations there is satisfaction. When they are not aligned efforts need to be qualitatively or quantitatively increased .That may and may not be possible.Pressure gets built and accumulated over many such instances. This ia what gets connected during meditation.

This logic or experiment can be replicated and validated.The remedial actions are many including the one suggested by you.

Look forward to read more.

Anand Damani.

Serial Entrepreneur, Business Advisor and Philosopher of Coexistence