Marjorie ,

Two additions that I would like to add to the beautiful article you have articulated to find purpose in life.

  1. There are infinite angles to every element in existence. This needs to be looked at to understand that element thoroughly. Human beings or homospaiens as a species are all the same and can not have different objectives. Being resolved is a common objective and knowing reality can help being resolved. All questions which each one has will help him look things from one of the infinite angles. The final answers will always lead to coexistence and interdependence of all the elements.
  2. Language developed by human beings can be broadly classified into 3 types.

a. Mathematical language that helps us quantify measure and value things. This is the most widely used.

b.Qualitative language which helps us understand the intrinsic properties tha can not be quantified. The thirst quenching property of water needs to be understood but can not be quantified.

c.Causal langauage that helps understand the utility and objective of any element being in existence.Resolution mostly follows after this version of the language being used to ponder reality.

The story of existence has something more.

Experiencing something is beyond all these languages and they are just shared and experienced. Say Trust,love they are beyond language and can only be experienced. The words can point to the concept but will always short.

I have written a few articles detailing them more and if interested would love to help demystify these things over a call or email.

Best regards