You have explained the basic human nature without the science and logic.

Till the dawn of the 21st century there was no conclusive study of Human beings per se.

The coexistence of a life atom or soul uniform in each of the 7.7 billion is the same and the needs that you describe are 3 of the 122 activities the 61 subatomic particle perform.

The other component is the physical body that is unique to each human being. This is visible takes shape in the womb needs nourishment grows and decays. All physical needs are for the nourishment and procreation of the species. To maintain its existence and countinuity of the species. All experiencing is done in the soul and the body remains the hardware which just passes the signals.

The above theory can be validated by each individual in himself.

Once he understands the same then following what you have said will come naturally to every human being.

Heaven and hell are to be experienced between the birth and death on this planet and the soul will continue to take a human form as long the earth is able to sustain and support human beings .

Serial Entrepreneur, Business Advisor and Philosopher of Coexistence