Meditation is not a therapy but a way of life. I am aghast when I see so many people mention about it and in the wrong context.

Please understand meditation as an eastern concept which is a way of life.It is being aware and understanding your own self by looking inside. And once you are able to know more about your own self you realise that every other human being on this planet is also having a similar inner self.

Just as you tend to know and understand yourself you tend to know and accept the inner self of the other person also. This is the epiphany of relationships and life.Once this is clear then every interaction is an opportunity to create sweet memories and not widen the differences.

While we do all the hard work and behave in order in the professional world when it comes to personal life we are demanding on the other person and not doing our own part. This is because of intimacy and familiarity. The stage beyond this intimacy is accepting and adjusting to the fact that the inner self of your partner is something that is only theirs and we can only build healthy relations or will be put off and never be able to connect.

I can certainly help you and any other couple facing relationship problem see each other holistically and reduce friction and part ways if you must as friends with cherished good memories and not the final acrimony.

Spreading happiness is my hobby :)

Serial Entrepreneur, Business Advisor and Philosopher of Coexistence