If I were to tell you that the potential of all the 7.5 billion people on Earth was to understand and live happily.

That is the only purpose for Human beings on this planet. Now we have the way to achieve this and coexist with other beings on the planet. The plant kingdom evolved and enriched earth. Once the Earth was rich enough the animals evolved. They created balance and enriched the planet for the humàn body to evolve.

The soul or the life atom that coexists in this physical body is now having the required neural system to understand the whole existence and continue to enrich the earth.

The Earth has enough for 7.5 and still more people to live and coexist.

I have shared this and more such related knowledge in my other posts.

I am grateful to all the people who have strived and helped mankind reach so far. I am also grateful to everyone who will check verify validate and improve his way of living to make this transformation happen.

All the content posted by me is free and for use of mankind and open to improvements and adaptations.

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