Nicholas Barret,

A great post about the thoughts shaping the world.

An important development happening sporadically and simultaneously all over the world is the new vision to solve these problems.

Many learned men are finding answers to the existence of Human race their future and their path to human good across all Nations.

I am collating reading and following many of them and foresee them connecting collaborating and soon leading the world to a global existence pretty soon thanks to Internet and connectivity.

Existence is coexistence and every Human is a part of the whole ecosystem.His purpose is being useful productive and being wanted.

He wants to produce and give back nature more than what he consumes.

He wants to be useful to others and help them learn and improve.

He wants to belong and connect to fellow human beings and be one of them.

Earth has more resources than what the 7 billion people need for sustenance and happy coexistence. Understanding the same is possible for mankind .Less is more , minimalist living, are real modern concepts.

Vasudev kudumbam meaning the whole world is my family is a saying popular in Indian subcontinent which predates Aristotle by well over a 1000 years.

Ancient and modern science has brought us here.Thanking everyone who made this possible is humility and being grateful to everyone of them is our duty. We are sure to march ahead and create a new global order where no one feels left out and contributes positively and does not be parasitical on another human being or animals or plants or matter.

Not disturbing the global equilibrium between all the components that exist in the earth is a thought that is gaining ground and will be wide spread and understood by more and more people across all the continents and cultures.

Look forward to more reading and knowledge on these lines.

Serial Entrepreneur, Business Advisor and Philosopher of Coexistence