It is a real nice piece of prose driving home the point with a finesse.

In philosophical terms every human being is endowed with Aasha ,Vicchaar and Iccha.Theae terms have clear defined meaning in Hindi which I find difficult to translate in English with the same effect.

Coming to the article the Intensity of the Iccha being of the highest degree possible is the point at which Existing becomes impossible without writing.Such an intense desire to write gives an equal satisfaction on completing a peace.

Reading and rereading the same fills in the void of the purpose of being alive and kicking on the planet.

Success fame being published are all just by products of the main purpose of just being.

Human beings as a race exist and do things for which they have this strong itch.What ever everyone is because of the strong desire (Iccha) without which living is not possible.

Being in love to work to artic trips to sky diving all are outcomes of that strong urge to do.

A writer you are when existing without writing is not possible.

Look forward to read more posts.

Anand Damani.

Serial Entrepreneur, Business Advisor and Philosopher of Coexistence