Relationships need fulfillment.

If you understand and know yourself first and identify others to be just like you in being.

A physical body energises by a soul or life atom to experience Reality. That is what you and every person are.

Then you identify the usefulness and synergy with every other Human being and every interaction between both of you is to experience Bliss by knowing Reality as it is. His thoughts are his and your thoughts are yours and they are based on the acquired learning both of you had till then about each other and about everything else.

Understanding this existential Reality as you find Every interaction fulfilling you do not then have fear of the fake and artificial hollow exchange of thoughts. You accept acknowledge and respect each other’s contribution in that particular moment and life is merry.

It is very easy to adapt and practice and will catch on very quickly. Know and then believe. Understand and then act. Direct your intellect to the focus areas and you will be able to fathom joy in every interaction.

Life is simple. Culture tradition and social norms have been complicating stuff and you can simply it for yourself and the people will feel the difference. That will motivate you to be more pragmatic and receptive which will in turn enthrall people.

Don’t let go but understand and move on with Grace and agility.

Serial Entrepreneur, Business Advisor and Philosopher of Coexistence