This is the situation in which a normal human being in the developed World finds himself. The the understanding of the human being has been Limited to the body and there is no knowledge about the conscious being which is the actual self which manifests through the body. Neither the body nor the self is useful alone and they have to coexist. Understanding human happiness is possible only when you understand both.

Madhyasth Darshan is the science of studying human being as part of this whole universe and understanding what happiness is. It allows not only you to be happy but also be a tool for others to understand happiness. Instead of a race in which you win competing against others it is a a journey an opportunity to enjoy the company of others in the quest for happiness for all the people on this planet. Sadness is not something that can be described it is just the absence of happiness and happiness can be understood explained and practiced as outline in the philosophy.

Look forward to reading more of your experiences with people and there musings about happiness

Serial Entrepreneur, Business Advisor and Philosopher of Coexistence

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