Robert Roy,

Greetings and grateful for such a detailed and examples driven explanation of explaining the process of deciphering the NVC. I happened to be one of the person on that Atlanta airport sample audience.

Alas as all sciences have done so far we have tried to isolate dissect and understand one portion or one aspect of NVC.

The NVC is not independent of the environment and the internal state of being of that individual. Every individual person has a lot of baggage and transactional memories that he carries with himself. Depending on a thousand and one factors he has learnt his unique way of bodily expressions that depict his internal thoughts going on.

Human beings have the great power to accept and believe as reality whatever they percieve. And they also have the power to change alter and amend these perceptions.

In this state of so many variables the study does not stand a chance of becoming any conclusive theory.

And holistically for human beings to be able to coexist in a better relationship with other human beings there are better and simpler ways of education.

Thought speech and action are intertwined activity which countinously goes on in the human being. It is an objective of every person to keep them in alignment.the child is born that way and continues to be so till it is influencing and not being influenced by society. The innocent smile of a toddler fills the whole house of grownups into a maze of happiness.

From that natural and pure state as the child grows it is taught by society to misalign the natural inborn gift. That does not go well and is the reason for all the skewed and complicated NVC that we see all around.

In an atmosphere where there is no fear you will see normal NVC and it will be easy to decipher and understand. Bring that person out among the society and you see all sort of vagaries.

Instead of trying to do research and spend resources in trying to understand skewed and distorted NVC it would be more prudent to look at creating more and more places where aligned behavior or expression of NVC is feasible.

These are my personal opinion and am open to improve or adapt them by learning more from you.

Best regards,

Anand Damani



Serial Entrepreneur, Business Advisor and Philosopher of Coexistence. Being resolved and helping others find their truth. RESOLUTION GURU

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