Roxane Gay

Truth is existence and existence is truth. Existence is virtual and material.All things that we touch see and feel are material on this planet.And then there is the thing called life that lives in Plants,Animals and Men.

Plants create seeds to become plants but do not have a will to live. They stand rooted and exist.

Animals are independant to move and want to live but have no thoughts desires or wants.

Man has a life that is virtual that takes the form of the body it resides in .That virtual life learns and alters the thoughts desires and wants. That is the truth. All virtual thoughts and all feelings of joy, epiphany of understanding, satisfaction of having been useful are truths and they exist. Every human being is universally endowed with these traits.

All the lies and misery and falsehood are the result of the teachings that we imbibe as we grow from an innocent child into a mature adult.Differentiating ourself from other human beings is a falsehood all tend to indulge in and that is reality. Man made reality which needs to be questioned.

Loved your thoughts about wanting to do something about the falsehood prevalent and want to read more about what you discover about the truth.

Anand Damani.

Serial Entrepreneur, Business Advisor and Philosopher of Coexistence