Anand Damani
2 min readApr 15, 2022



Interesting to see how software is leading the way for humanbeings to understand existence as coexistence.

DAO as I see it is the propensity that is innate to every element on this planet to be in order and play its role in the bigger system.

There are two aspects on is the position of that particular element and the second is the direction or trajectory to be in oder as part of a bigger system.

The formation of the foetus inside the womb explains the Natural DAO at work. Every cell that forrms checks the zygote to see that organ is still not developed and occupies the vacant slot and becomes part of that organ or system and starts playing the role as per the position and start the journey in the direction of being an active component till the body lives as a working sytem.

The STEM cell theory explains that if you keep those cells safely in a conducive atmosphere and if that body meets with an acccident and vital organs are lost inject these stem cells and they will intelligently identify the missing organ and go and occupy that position and start functioning as that part in that human body.

That is how DAO functions and on this planet other than the human body everything else are in order and harmony and doing their role.

I would love to discuss and share with you the way how human being can find harmony by understanding the existential reality and all that there is to know.

Nothing more will be required nothing less will suffice.

To that world I would love to help mankind reach that utopia. Grateful to you for being a coexplorer on that path to establish learnign and sharing in simple ways for people to connect with.

Would love to share more information and answer any specifc questions that you may have :)



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