Sandy Peckinpah

To add to your article I would like to share the example that many in India would be aware of and not such a common thing.

When Elephant cubs are caught they are tied to a column with a chain and they tug and tear and try to free them selves. Once they are over that phase and realise that the chain is stronger and they can not break free they get that thought embedded in their memory.

Once they are fully grown adults the mahout (That is the name for the person riding and managing the elephant) just takes the chain and wraps it around the coumn without a latch and still the Elephant does not run away.

There have been cases of Flooding in the temples where mostly elephant are kept and the elephant does not move unless the mahout comes and acts like releasing the chain .

Homo Sapiens of course are different from Elephants and they do not stick to such beliefs.Many of us still do not grow enough and continue with our animal instincts of believing things to be true to our detriment.

Look forward to more about Human pshyche from you :)

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