Science and logic are what we are all going to rely on and accept as we move ahead from the current status. Humanity has tried to understand and know reality and it will continue to keep looking for the same till it is found and universally accepted.

No species has been found to be useless and everything is dependent on and interacts with each other.You can look for the story the Wolves that changed the rivers course in this video.

I can go on and substantiate many such studies done by mankind which explains holistic living and coexistence in order than in random chaos as many people subscribe to.

I would be open both these thoughts and would discuss and find more information to substantiate the premises rather than form rigid opinions.

Human beings have this innate ability to believe and know things as well as know and believe them.The cycle will continue till they find the truth that is universally acceptable.

Wilderness and indefinite cycles have no purpose and if universal rules of matter are understood and explained things will be more orderly.

The scarcity mindset started by Darwin and continued by Adam Smith to base economics on has resulted in devastation of the earth. If we could think of an abundant earth and economic value based on utility , than hoarding it would be a much different world.

From the atom to the celestial beings everything is complete in itself and plays it designated role in the bigger system. WE can certainly look at things from all angles and deliberate and find the truth.

Would love to continue the communication by email and help humanity create heaven on this planet instead of an imaginary heaven that is mysterious.

Serial Entrepreneur, Business Advisor and Philosopher of Coexistence

Serial Entrepreneur, Business Advisor and Philosopher of Coexistence