Science as we knowof it till today has the limitation of the senses felt by the physical body. The life atom which brings to life a zygote and then goes on to energise it all through the bodily journey is to be brought into science.

Any peraon cam validate that he can see more than what his eyes can see.He can feel a pulse in every part of his body if he holds it long enough with focused attention.

The me that is in existence can ne validated but not seen is also a reality.

Thoughts are in his domain and brain is just the hardware.Every thought is an object and radiates energy which can effect another life atom but not a physical body.

This is as scientific as the study of atomic structure.Its structure makes it free of mass and force.So it is free floating can take any body form and is eternal.

I would be starting a series about life atom once I have done enough study and homework.

Look forward to nice crtitical and logical discussions in helping unravel this life atom mystery.

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