Science is all material stuff. There is this Chitanya or consciousness which is a different kind of an atom.

A Complete atom that is characterized by having one particle in the centre and then 2,8,18,32 in 4 orbits.

The circular and spin motion of the 60 particles give consciousness and formless properties and make it free from pull or pressure.

That is the part of a human being which brings the body to life.

Knowing and understanding this is possible by consciousness only and not by any material equipment or apparatus.

I have this knowledge and am sharing it with mankind. I would love help from as many people as possible to help spread the same to ensure and start human behavior.

Till now we have no tradition and culture of human behavior and till that is established in any society or culture we will need to keep trying for the same.

Best regards,


Serial Entrepreneur, Business Advisor and Philosopher of Coexistence

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