Very nice perspective on an important topic for the contemporary society.

One angle that we need to add to this discussion is about knowing what a human being is. If we can understand antagonize this premise properly then we can design a system that will work efficiently.

Understanding why human beings behave the way they behave is a topic that may not sound relevant to economics but more to do with psychology or spirituality.

The need to study them all together holistically can be understood if we look at nature and see coexistence everywhere. There is no competition and every element plants trees animals or other substances in the earth. They live in harmony and are at complete peace with each other.

Human beings following Darwin assumed that it was survival of the fittest while nature was just balancing itself. Herbivores kept control of the growth of plants and Carnivores kept control of the herbivores. They existed in harmony before human beings evolved and still continue to do the same. Misunderstanding their existence led to the concept of competition and human beings have never been able to come out of it.

There is abundance in nature and human beings have just got to understand themselves and enjoy the abundance buy coexisting. I I have put together a small ppt to help understand human beings.

Look forward to interact with you and discuss more on the future of the earth and human beings inhabiting it in a better way.

Serial Entrepreneur, Business Advisor and Philosopher of Coexistence