Simple practical and beautiful explanation of understanding the basis of Human behaviour.

If we add to this explanation as to why this happened and how this is aligned to the basic structure and formation of a human being.

Every human being is capable of understanding and forming an opinion. This infinite power prevents any other person from altering or changing it. The change in the opinion can only happen when the person having the opinion intends to do so.

Understanding and accepting this reality becomes easy when we analyse and validate this principle on our own self. Any amount of conviction persuasion or coercion can be applied but our thoughts change only if we want to do it otherwise all the efforts by others will go in vain down the drain.

This simple principle can be explained clearly by explaining and knowing the physical structure of a human being.

I have created a small ppt to explain the same and would love feedback to improve it and share it with mankind.

Look forward to meeting you thoughts,

Serial Entrepreneur, Business Advisor and Philosopher of Coexistence