Sorry to disagree but all this story and money is crap.

No gold, no bond, no bitcoin can feed any single human being. People with following and influence like you Tim Denning should learn more about wealth in reality and use your magic with words to break this myth about wealth created over centuries.

Whatever you do, you can never ever destroy or create anything that is there on the planet. It can only reposition the atoms to become useful or useless to you.

All wealth is there in the planet and will remain here. You can make more things useful for mankind, consume what you want or can, and share the rest with others. Depriving someone is wastage.

All these myths about money, inflation, deflation, depression are man made stories whose time has come to be clarified and dismantled.

Request you to rephrase, rewrite, or redo the below mentioned article using your skills and spread it to all of mankind. No need to give any credit, backlink or anything. I have more wealth to last this lifetime and the infinite energy and opportunity to produce more than my needs thanks to all the society, plants, animals, and the earth. That wealth is universal and I am thus rich.

Look forward to your help in breaking the myth of investment.



Serial Entrepreneur, Business Advisor and Philosopher of Coexistence. Being resolved and helping others find their truth. RESOLUTION GURU

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