Space- Inside Which Nature Exists

Anand Damani
7 min readAug 24, 2021

“Thirty spokes share the hub of a wheel;

Yet it is its center that makes it useful.

You can mould clay into a vessel;

Yet, it is its emptiness that makes it useful.

Cut doors and windows from the walls of a house;

but the ultimate use of the house

will depend on that part where nothing exists.”

― Tao Te Ching

Lao Tzu reminds us of the ever-existing truth that’s all around us. Space… something, which engulfs and surrounds everything. Something in which all things are submerged. The great force of this existence holds everything together. A field where all phenomena take place.

nature in space drawing
Anand Damani

Wikipedia defines “Space is the boundless three-dimensional extent in which objects and events have relative position and direction.” There are around 50 synonyms, which are used for expressing this word ‘space’ in different contexts.

For this article, we will focus on space to mean the formless entity within which everything coexists. Understanding this definition of space will also help us fathom existence.

The cosmic space is something static, which will never change. There was never a time when space was not there and there never will be a time when space will not be there. Space coexists with everything else that exists inside it. It is so subtle that nothing can displace it. It is an unbroken expanse, which is a very fine conductor of energy that permeates through everything. The space is all pervading.

Being an inquisitive species, humanity has always wanted to know the source of existence. Also, being storytellers, human beings have created many stories around the creation of space. The ill effect of these stories has been in their diversity. It has resulted in a divided human society. Understanding space can clear a lot of these misconceptions. Uniting humanity seems one good possible outcome.

In existential reality space and matter have always been in existence and both of them will always be in existence. The questions of when, how, and why become meaningless once this is clearly understood.

The more relevant question then is what is this thing called Space? What are the characteristics of Space?

Space is an abstract concept. It cannot be moved or broken. For instance, in a beaker there is air. When we pour water into the same, the air gets displaced but not space. The space is there inside the empty beaker as well as inside the beaker along with the water. It also exists inside the glass that makes the beaker as well as the air surrounding the beaker.

station image rgb
Image by Gregplom from Pixabay

Space is omnipresent as much as it is static. All laws of all sciences are possible because of this medium of space, which helps them to affect and be affected by each other. The temperature of the ray from the outermost tip of the sun to the outermost tip of the earth remains the same with no loss of heat. That can help one understand how subtle space is. Space helps connect all matter in the universe without impairing or altering their status of ‘being’ in any way.

In the above example we can identify a beaker because of the space between the beaker and the other stuff. If there were no space the beaker would merge into the table on which it is kept, the table would merge into the floor on which it is placed. We can go on and visualize how complicated this can become. Space is the reason why we are able to identify and outline each and every element that we see. Between the table and the beaker there is space, within the table there is space. Space plays such an important role in regulating and organizing matter. The boundary of everything from an atom, to a tree, to a lion is all defined by space.

Space is also a field full of non-depleting enormously powerful energy. Since everything is within this space, everything is energized and in motion. From the subatomic particles being studied in the CERN reactor LHC (Large Hydron Collider) to the whole milky way and other galaxies, everything is energized by the space and therefore is in motion. The planets in the solar system continue to be in orbit in a musical effortless way, due to the all pervading space.

Delving Deeper

The atom is the smallest particle that is in order. Anything smaller than the atom is not worth delving into, as it is not in order as proved by the research at CERN. The subatomic particles (Quark, Higgs boson) are not stable. The atom is the base for all existence on this planet earth. The space between subatomic particles is about 400 times the size of the particle. The magnitude of the energy of the space is such that it still helps them remain attracted to each other and be in order. They come close but do not meet, move away but do not disintegrate.

atomic structure icon
Image by Deedster from Pixabay

Atoms form elements with space between them. These atoms react with each other to form molecules. Evolving further, they become cells, which start respiration. This goes up to human beings who are the union of the life atoms (soul) and the most advanced physical organ systems made up of cells. I will not go into the whole story here as this article is not about matter but about space. All these evolutions are a result of the energy from space, which is non-depleting.

There are these three types of activities of matter as a result of being energized by space:

1. Constructive, Assimilative, Formative

2. Destructive, Disintegrative, Breaking away

3. Continuing to be in the existing state

The subtle life atom/soul in the human being is also filled with a similar non-depleting power of thinking and so it can comprehend the vastness of space. Using the arithmetical, qualitative, and causal language combined we can express and understand space.

In Popular Culture

Every civilization has identified and understood this space field and documented different aspects of the same. From the formless God to several Hindu and the Greek Gods, every civilization has some description of this space. Even the modern day atheists or the ancient Nastiks in Hindu religion, who do not believe in god, understand Space. Thanks to the Internet and knowledge sharing all this can be combined to create an understanding that will be of help to humanity.

Humanity can identify its role in the ecosystem of the planet and be in order. Alternatively it is also possible that human beings do not agree, remain divided, and fight over their deluded knowledge. They can end up blowing themselves out of this planet or end up making it inhabitable for the human species.

In either case there will be no change in Space. The matter will keep changing its form. Space will keep providing energy to matter to evolve… the journey will continue. Each planet made up of matter is somewhere on that path. Space is unperturbed, non-changing. It just is.

The silence and the non-movement of space is an enigma, which can be very easily understood but very difficult to explain. The varied literature from all the civilizations as well as the latest scientific inquiry has helped me collate and put together this knowledge. This has enabled me to lead a resolved life. I consider myself fortunate to be able to share this with you all. Any walk of life or question related to everyday living problems can be solved using this concept. A practical solution to live in harmony can emerge. I have tried to write a few articles about different facets of living that can be explained with this knowledge.

In a Nutshell

Space coexists with everything, regulates everything, and energizes everything. All the galaxies are soaked, immersed and regulated by space or energy or God or unknown. Whatever it is, it is keeping everything in order.

kindness elephant and ant image
Anand Damani

In the context of our planet, Space is regulating the material world, the plant kingdom, the animal kingdom to be in order. Humanity being sentient is not in order. Human beings are exploiting instead of being in harmony. Delusion is the reason for the same and the good news is that humanity is looking for resolution. Now this knowledge is available which can be shared to help humanity be orderly. I ( am resolved and so can everyone else be, by using his infinite power of visualizations and thoughts.

Thanks to the Internet (Medium, Substack, Reddit etc) and a conducive environment (Climate change, Pollution, Global governance thoughts, Ecological imbalance), the thirst for knowledge will lead humanity to resolution by understanding Space. They can adopt or modify and adopt the path as outlined here

Alternatively, fanaticism or hedonism or racism can blow the human race out of this planet. In either case, space and matter will remain irrespective of human beings existing or becoming extinct even on this planet.

Death, Reentry, and Work are the other topics that I have tried to explain in context of the philosophy of coexistence and would love your views on the same as well.



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