Thanks a lot Benjamin for being able to see this among the many nice articles around.

Thank you for drawing my attention to the gap in the thought spelt out.

Would love to work with you and clarify the same. Do let me know your thoughts on this hypothesis I make out below.

Philosophical reflection does lead us to knowing more truths and all the truths about humanity and what human beings as a species has done are very painful. Now on this planet that was there before human beings existence was all in harmony and symphony.

It lacked a species that could understand and experience this harmony and bliss.To that end Homo Sapiens evolved.

Evolution was there as the Cosmic field that energized matter is making evolution happen. This is the formless omnipotent omnipresent God that all religions refer to in many ways.

Material world formed by atoms coming together and forming elements, compounds, and chemicals .They all existed and continued to exist and just be.

Cells formed which could respire and a whole lot of plant kingdom was formed of many types.They could choose, nourish, grow and decay along with existing by having the seed to tree and tree to seed route.

The dried leaves twigs and humus in the presence of required moisture and heat grows ample forms of living things. The whole animal kingdom evolved and had a rich fauna and slowly the brain developed in mammals.

The animals added another feature that is the will to live.

That was the prerequisite for the homo sapiens to evolve who wanted to understand and experience along with the will to live, nourish grow decay and exist.

Now to the question of Sadness.

Till human beings inhabited the planet there was no sadness at all and so it was all fine.

Human beings were found doing in human things that their true self did not like.

They could not understand and found such behavior remorseful but did not know enough to be able to spot it.

As society and traditions started taking shape many many inhuman acts got imbedded as cultures and rules.

All these man made rules which nature did not give us became the cause of sadness.

The very fact that it was not liked even by the person who was doing the act should make us think that sadness is a construct of human society and not natural.

Fundamental truth are that are in existence all by themselves.

All manmade feelings that result only between human behavior can be a way to look at things in a new light.

I would love your views on this thought and a quick chat over zoom or skype of whatsapp would be a nice option.

Hope to see all humanity move from delusion to the resolved state one person at a time.


Anand Damani.

Serial Entrepreneur, Business Advisor and Philosopher of Coexistence

Serial Entrepreneur, Business Advisor and Philosopher of Coexistence