The facts could not have depicted in a better way. The technological advances are all giving power in the hands of the haves to misuse.

The moral values are all gone and disappeared.In light of these realities it is going to be mighty difficult for the common man to protect himself from the after effects.

Empathy as a feeling flows from acknowledgement of understanding the human existence and relationship between human beings. Unfortunately in the current situation winning is important and everything else is going for a toss.

Trump has marginalized and divided the society in more ways than one.He does not have the vision to look at existence from the viewpoint of a person who is finding it difficult to make his ends meet. The reason for the same is the systematic deprivement that has been practiced in the name of capitalism.

Equality for all in the constitution and on the ground are two different things which we need to take cognizance of. Hopefully for humanity the philosophy of coexistence will spread and more and more people find their purpose of existence in alignment with reality instead of the wrong beliefs that are being taught in the society all over the world.

We vs them has to go and humanity as a single species needs to be identified.

Serial Entrepreneur, Business Advisor and Philosopher of Coexistence