The meaning of life is very clear as you can see from many of my blog posts on the subject.

Knowing what a human being is is the first step.

Understanding the life atom or soul or consciousness which is beyond the five senses but we’ll within the grasp of understanding capability of Human beings needs to be understood.

The physical body has needs that are temporary quantified and satiable. Once satiated they will become a need again after some time so they are time specific location specific person specific and so on.

The life atom or soul needs understanding sharing trust belonging and total of 61 traits that need continous fulfillment.

They can not be quantified.They are needed everywhere Everytime bad by every human being. With proper education and atmosphere Human beings will provide these needs of each other every single moment of their life.

There are groups of people practicing and learning to live this way and anyone can start his own group to live with meaning anywhere he wants and continue learning with leaving. This education works only by practice and not like education as known in the contemporary world.

Welcome you and your friends acquaintances to a meaningful life were I can guide you and no money or return required from my end.

Anand damani.

Serial Entrepreneur, Business Advisor and Philosopher of Coexistence