The process of knowing yourself is very clearly defined. As a soul or life atom you have certain capabilities.

As a physical body with very advances biological and neural systems you are able to communicate with and experience existence with the soul.

The soul has specific values like justice truth happiness and so on. They carry out the ten activities 2 at each level.

I have explained the atomic structure of the soul in my writings.

The physical body has a seperate set of needs.

As a human being that is what you are and creating good memories during the interactions with others is your purpose.

That transactive memory of the society transfers to the new born babies as culture and tradition.

Creating a Human universal culture has evaded mankind till now.

Now that this knowledge is available and can be spread the process of having an undivided Human species is underway.

Every single human being can validate and assimilate the same at his own pace and need to be fulfilled.

Request all of you to evaluate and validate and then live in a Human way.

Serial Entrepreneur, Business Advisor and Philosopher of Coexistence