The study is never going to be complete till the powers beyond the chemical composition and electric current that runs the brain and the physical body is understood.

That is the soul or the life atom and .It has a definite structure needs wants and role that it plays in the human being.

It energises, understands, experiences and coexists with the physical body . The brain process all data from the various sense organs and the results are evaluated, experienced and recorded by the life atom.

The soul is having never depleting energy and will continue to exist and keep adopting bodies and creating opportunities for beautiful experiences.

The Transactive memories stored by the human race needs to be full of proper understanding of reality as is in existence and giving the same knowledge to the new child that is born.

The human being is capable of gaining knowledge as he grows up .He can alter and change his beliefs till his death and will continue doing so till they are applicable universally. That will happen when they are aligned with existential reality.

The brain is but a physical organ which functions exactly as per the rules of matter. It is a complete system in itself and part of the neuro system. The human neuro system is the most advanced system among all animal life on the planet. It can transmit and receive from the life atom content at lightning speeds.

The brain does not confuse or prevent anything happening .It is due to the wrong beliefs that society has which need correction.

Globally now many communities are working towards correcting the mistaken belief systems be it about wealth, health or Plastics or climates and so on.

The philosophy of coexistence explains all the unsolved questions and I write based on the same.It is matter of time before the whole world accepts universal principles .

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