There is no place for a spiritual guru in existence.There is only space for people to guide you and feed you information when you are looking for the same.

The reality is that only you can learn understand and absorb things and no one else in the world has the power to teach you .Every one can assist you.This is a simple truth which you can easily validate.

Against this backdrop if the person guiding you is leading the life he is asking you to live you learn by observation and not by his preachings.You watch and spend time in all sorts of situations and see if he is being real or creating a mirage. Be always aware that spirituality is always about the conscience and nothing physical. So all poses mediation and such mumbo jumbo can help you control your thoughts and be peaceful but nothing is spiritual in them.Pure scientific explanations will help you understand things.

Physical discomfort or torture of body in any form is no spirituality.

If you can critically look at this Presentation and share it with others to start a positive discussion and help the future of mankind,

I am grateful to all the wise men and the people living to have helped in shaping the world for me to live in.

Thank you Mitch for drawing attention to a very important point.

Serial Entrepreneur, Business Advisor and Philosopher of Coexistence