This brings us to the root cause of all the problems of the human race.

Human beings are social beings and programmed to share their feelings and create positive emotions all around.

The society that has been built is not supportive and healthy. That is something that can be corrected and made to fit the requirements of all human beings.

Importantly when someone is not feeling good and having some emotions that are a surge he needs other human beings to be able to dissipate the excess energy that his thought actions produce.

An ideal society where these kind of surges can be reduced digested and dissipated is the need of the hour.

From following the religion of growth if human beings could shift to this important facet of their being they can take care of their physical comfort as well as create a society that can generate perennial joy for all it’s inhabitants.

Lots of experiments are going on in the contemporary world and it is for the portals like medium and people therin to spread more information about them.

I continue to keep responding to nice posts. Like this and adding thoughts for individual benefit of the human being as well collective improvement of society.

Do share these with people who matter to you and can benefit from such thoughts and can help make the society more alive to human needs.

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