This can be a perfect case to understand the diverse ways or the infinite angles with which an action can be viewed at.

Every white person who misbehaved could be just reacting to the suffering he had had earlier with some ruffian he had encountered in his life time at some other location. The chance was that ruffian or law breaker was black.

We as sentient being need to understand that the color of the skin or the build of the body or the external appearance of being male or female is there because of the natural laws.

As a soul or life atom we are all the same looking to be resolved and finding the purpose of existence.

We all need to learn to look at other human being as just like us and not attach any ism to him. Protecting oneself is our simple instinct to want to live and that is there in every one of us.

As a society we have created rules to be in order that are evolving and are on the way to becoming universal.Till then we have to keep increasing our vision to be able to see from more angles and take informed decisions and not hurt the feeling of others as much as we can.

Look forward to more articles detailing such behaviors for people to identify and bring harmony in life.

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