This is a step in the direction of transparency that people naturally or born with. Every human being likes to share his experiences and knowledge.

The concept of privacy itself is an outcome of human beings failing to live in a humane way and doing inhuman things.When people became unable to behave in a responsible social way the marketing firms seized an opportunity and created this boogey of Privacy.

If you are doing all things that you enjoy doing and they are all good why would you mind it being known to others. Sinister things or things that your internal being says is unethical or wrong or not something to be proud of You want to hide it.

Hiding it from others does not mean that you can get rid of the guilt. The guilt inside will be more painful and affect your relationship and behavior in a negative way.

It is rather easy to understand the purpose of your free will and live transparently than under the false pretext of privacy.

Serial Entrepreneur, Business Advisor and Philosopher of Coexistence