This is just the first part and detachment is the beginning.

After detachment from the external world it is time to look inside. Realise and reiterate that the you within your body and the you are a unit.The you can exist only if the body is functional and without you the body is dysfunctional or dead.

That is the reality and pretty simple truth to understand if you have understood detachment in the true sense.Putting this into practice requires Yogic living for a sustained period of time without break and rigorous practice. You can read more on the same on my blog and at a lot of places online.

The next step is the realisation that just like you everyone is existing and has a body like you. That will help you understand them much better and you will build relations with them and not with their bodies and the superfluous stuff.

Every day every moment will be a celebration once this becomes clear.

Serial Entrepreneur, Business Advisor and Philosopher of Coexistence