This is the state of affairs in the human beings thoughts.

Copulation is something to procreate and bring another human being to life.

And here you have a crazy society creating such a hype about seminal discharge as if it is some great victory and scintillating experience when the lady in question is suffering extreme pain and discomfort.

Human education and the Porn industry needs to really look at how to validate and explain human values and understand the purpose of the bodies of human beings as Male and Female.

Human race will need to move towards the direction when being a lady or a Man is just a utility for procreation. As human beings their only objective is to experience bliss and create beautiful memories in this bodily journey.

Wish you a very speedy recovery Alison from the marks on your soul and the consciousness.

Anand damani.

Serial Entrepreneur, Business Advisor and Philosopher of Coexistence