Very nice insight into how human beings can be productive. To add to your explanation if we can explain why and how we get drained people can benefit more.It is preplexing that such a simple natural law has not become part of curriculum and explained to the children during their education.

There is no limit to the number of thoughts that a human being can have. The cognitive mind has infinite potential to imagine and understand.

And yet we fail in being open and receptive. Restricting and stifling the flow of thoughts is an unnatural act that we try to do at work. Instead of going with the flow we try and restrain the natural flow.That is what drains you.

The difference between letting the thoughts wander indiscriminately or go with the flow and come up with Creative solutions is very thin . Awareness and practicing awareness in a continuous loop can help one identify and pinpoint the same.

Being logical we need to understand the construction and composition of the human self to achieve better understand how and why we think. What energizes us and what saps our energy. A thought can never tire you as long as it brings alignment with the reality and your perception.That logical buildup and path towards the goal is energising and in the flow.

Ending your day while in that state becomes a habit when you be in that state always.

I have tried to put together a PPT to try explaining the same.

Would love your thoughts and helping more and more people to be in flow always.

Serial Entrepreneur, Business Advisor and Philosopher of Coexistence